New Distributorship for Fine & Specialty Chemicals


Anthelos widened its chemical portfolio with AK Scientific Inc. (Union City, California, USA) ( after taking over the Hungarian distibutorship from Avidin ( in June, 2021. AKSci provides high quality Inhibitors, Modulators, Ligands, Bioactives, and Reference Compounds for life science research, drug discovery, and many other research & development needs. Novel Building Blocks, Intermediates, and Reagents for organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, process development and other fields can be ordered through Anthelos. Functional Specialty Chemical products for applications in life sciences, materials science, and other Research & Development use are provided by AKSci. Anthelos arranges shipment, customs clearance and all administration with fast delivery of the ordered products from door to door.

Please visit TargetMol website for the full list of chemical libraries as well as for their other products.

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