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The Ant-04 Nucleic Acid extraction kit is designed for fast isolation and purification nucleic acid from blood and biofluid samples. Purified nucleic acid is suitable for downstream PCR applications, including QPCR of DNA fragments or one-step reverse transciption QPCR for gene expression analysis as well as diagnostic detection of RNA viruses. During the nucleic acid extraction process, the magnetic beads adsorption principle is used to adsorb, transfer, and purify nucleic acids through capturing nucleic acids with special magnetic beads to automatically complete the nucleic acid extraction and elution.

Ant-04 Nucleic Acid extraction kit

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The Ant-05 Cell homogenization and extraction kit is designed to make it possible to execute expression analysis directly from cultured cells or viral samples without RNA purification. This kit saves time and offers a simple workflow that is suitable for direct diagnostic detection of viruses (including the SARS-CoV2 and Influenza viruses) or gene expression analysis of marker genes from a few sample. The kit can be easily incorporated into automated, high throughput technologies, such as HTS-QPCR or digital PCR applications.

The Ant-05 Cell homogenization and extraction kit uses a special lysis method that can be used for cells, cell homogenates or viruses (even from swab samples), while preserving RNA integrity. The kit can be used in combination with our multiplexing kits (Ant-01, Ant-02, ICQ-100) as well as with focused toxicity and cytokine panels. The primer/probe sets are sold separately and should be purchased according to the project.

Ant-05 Cell homogenization and extraction kit

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