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Anthelos is proud to anounce that from January 2021 the company became the local distributor of TargetMol company ( in Hungary. With the expertise of Anthelos chemists we offer full support for our customers from both the academic and biotech sectors. Anthelos arranges shipment, customs clearance and all administration with fast delivery of the ordered products from door to door.

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Small molecule inhibitors can bind to target proteins and reduce their biological activity and are often used as tools in biological and pharmacological research. Targetmol can provide a variety of small molecule inhibitors of hot signaling pathways for research and development. For TargetMol inhibitor products, visit


A compound library or chemical library is a collection of validated small molecules usually used in high-throughput screening for hit discovery or drug repurposing. Besides classical random, large diversity compounds TargetMol offers Focused Bioactive Libraries, which is a powerful tool for drug screening, cell induction, drug repurposing, mechanism research, target identification, positive control and other related research fields.

Please visit TargetMol website for the full list of chemical libraries as well as for their other products. 

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Hot selling compound libraries:

Approved Drug Library; Catalog No. L1000

Natural Compound Library for HTS; Catalog No. L6000