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We offer diverse PCR reagents with a special focus on real-time PCR technology which needs high quality reagents supplemented with high activity enzymes and optimized buffers enabling parallel analysis of several genes or gene fragments. With multiplexing multiple pathogens can be identified or expression of multiple marker genes can be followed.

We are offering QPCR Multiplex Probe reagents alone (Ant-01 QPCR Multiplex probe reagent and Ant-02 QPCR Multiplex Fluorescent reagent) or as part of our diagnostic (Influenza + Sars-CoV2) and genomic (Toxicogenomic – ANT-06 and Cytokine – ANT-07 panels) products.

QPCR Multiplex Probe (Ant-01) and QPCR Multiplex fluorescent (Ant-02) kits are designed to perform superior over most of the existing QPCR mixes currently available at the market, resulting in higher specificity and sensitivity when multiplex reactions are run. Using these kits is an optimal choice for the simultenous detection of different pathogenic nucleic acids or gene transcripts with diagnostic or marker potential. 

Ant-01 QPCR Multiplex probe reagent (96)

Ant-02 QPCR Multiplex Fluorescent reagent (96)

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Anthelos provides molecular diagnostic solutions for the detection of infectious diseases. Our QPCR CE-IVD kit detects respiratory infections from Influenza (A or B) and Sars-CoV2 viral origin. The easy-to-use multiplex assays will cover most of your laboratory needs while being compatible with the most popular extraction and real-time PCR platforms.

Ant-03/ICQ-100 Inf-Cov2QuantTM Influenza A/B + SARS-CoV-2 Quantification Kit (100)

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In recent years, several massive toxicological analyses have yielded large genomic data sets obtained with DNA-microarrays, Next generation sequencing and PCR studies. Real-time PCR is becoming a common tool for detecting and quantifying expression profiling of selected genes. Anthelos developed  molecular diagnostic solutions to predict drug efficacy and side effects based on gene expression profiling with multiplex QPCR technology.

Our focused QPCR panels possess high specificity and sensitivity. The reproducibility of both the Toxicogenomic and the Cytokine panels is high: the reagent kits demonstrate strong correlations across technical replicates, QPCR instruments and production lots with average correlation coefficients >0.99, ensuring reliable detection of differences in marker gene expression between biological samples. 

In addition to genotoxicity and mutagenicity testing, one promising approach consists in the evaluation of mRNA expression profiles provoked by the respective drugs or drug candidates. The genes in the Toxicology gene panel were selected to be the best predictors for toxic side effects and cellular stress, including among others are ATF4, HSP90AA1, HMOX1, GADD45, NQO1 and DDIT3.

Cytokine gene expression quantification is widely used in immunological research to dissect the early steps of immune responses or pathophysiological pathways. The genes in the Cytokine gene panel were selected to be the best predictors for inflammatory signals and stimulation, including among others are IL1B, INFG, IL6, TNF, INFA1, IL2 and IL8.

Ant-06 Toxicology gene panel – rat (100)

Ant-07 Cytokine gene panel – rat (100)

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The kit is part of Anthelos’ molecular diagnostic product line. The Microbiome genomic analysis kit (Cat. no. Ant-08) enables semiquantitative detection of bacteria and fungi from diverse biological and environmental samples. The kit includes well designed primer sets that amplify 2 bacterial and 2 fungal genomic regions. The amplified products can be further analyzed by cloning, traditional and next generation sequencing methods. The kit has been tested with human samples to detect bacteria and fungi from pathogenic and healthy flora (skin, vaginal, fecal) as well as soil samples to determine environmental diversity.
At present the product can be used as Research Use only (RUO).

Ant-08/ Microbiome genomic analysis kit (48)

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