Anthelos has received the GINOP grant “Supporting the development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to adapt to modern business and production challenges in the most disadvantaged regions”.


Project title: Acquisition of a high-resolution scanning and production instrument set for the production of precision prototypes
Project identification number: GINOP-PLUS-1.2.3-21-2022-02520
Total cost of the project: 159.224.137,-Ft
Founds granted to Anthelos Ltd: 111.456.895,-Ft

Duration of the project: 01.04.2022 – 31.12.2022.

In addition to Anthelos products specializing in nucleic acid detection, the company is working on the development and introduction of new immunochemical technology. With the investment realized within the project’s framework, Anthelos intends to miniaturize the use of specially labeled antibodies, with high-resolution, spectrally definable microfluidic solutions. To achieve this, Anthelos planned to purchase an instrument set in the tender. This includes the super-resolution scanner, which is capable of detecting immunoprecipitation in high resolution and would enable the simultaneous detection of several protein markers. Similar to the biochips, the company planned to examine the analytical tests in the micrometer range with the help of the spectral scanner, with the detection of several colors. With the help of a 3D printer that can print in high resolution and in color, it is possible to create microfluidic prototype devices in which the detection channel can be of a different color, so that surface can also act as a spectral filter. The novelty of the present technology is that the system can not only perform high-resolution reading, as with traditional biochip/microarray methods, but in combination with microfluidic methods, more complex detection would also be possible. The present development is not only justified by establishing new diagnostic solutions and prototypes but also lays the foundation for new services by producing 3D prototypes and samples made with unique micron resolution and color printing. In addition to the planned investments, Anthelos also carries out IT development, with more professional document management and corporate management practices by acquiring special software package.